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Post by Rogue Bard on Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:32 am

When it comes to role-playing games character growth is important. This is why game developers have introduced the concept of experience points. We're going to employ the use of experience points (henceforth called XP or EXP).

How do I earn XP?
There are criteria that players are to meet for gaining EXP for your character(s).

  • Participation on the forums & chats: Since this is a forum/chat based game, participation in the threads is paramount. Participation in threads rewards 1-2 EXP.
  • Debriefs: At the end of each month (an announcement will be made), you are to send a summary of what your character did and what he or she learned to the Staff. This will be worth 1-2 EXP. If you don't do a debrief, you won't get the points. You will have one week to write the Debriefs.
  • Participation in Status Threads: Characters that participate in Status threads monthly will receive 1 EXP.
  • Storyteller Award: the staff will discuss individual performances and award as they see fit. Awards will be 1 XP based on staff decision or the awarding of Merits depending on circumstance. This could also be granted in play.
  • The Golden Ankh: This monthly award comes from the days of the old Vampire: the Masquerade Live Action game run by One World by Night. The third week of the month players will be asked to nominate someone they believe to be the best role played character. In the final week of the month, players will have the opportunity to vote on the character. The character that receives the most votes will be given 1 EXP. Players cannot win this award on consecutive months.

With that said characters have the opportunity to earn a guaranteed 1 EXP if you do nothing but post on the forums to a maximum of 7 points in a month, assuming you write a Debrief, participate in Status threads, gain a point for Storyteller award, and win The Golden Ankh.

All EXP awards will be sent to the individual players privately in an appropriate amount of time after Debriefs are received.

How do I spend XP?
In your Debrief, you simply tell the staff what you wish to spend the points on for your character. You are asked to include reasoning for the purchases. Please use common sense, if you wish to purchase firearms but haven't picked up a gun in play, you're going to be told no. You must show that there is some kind of learning curve.

Experience costs are listed as follows.

Experience Costs
Attributes= New Dots X 5
Skills= New Dots X 3
Skill Specialtiy= 3 points
Merit= New Dots X 2
Humanity= New Dots X 3
Willpower= 8 Points

Clan or Bloodline Discipline= New Dots X 5
Other Discipline= New Dots X 7
Coils of the Dragon= New Dots X 6
Theban Sorcery Or Cruac Ritual= New Level X 2
Blood Potency= New Dots X 8

Azoth= New Dots X 8
Affinity Transmutation= New Dots X 5
Non-Affinity Transmutation= New Dots X5

Your character sheet will be updated by the Staff when your spending is approved.

I am a member of the Staff, how do I get EXP for my characters?
Staff is allowed to play, but this game is not meant to be a showcase for them. Staff characters will receive two thirds (rounded up) the average number of points the players do.

NPCs grow too. They will receive one third (rounded down) the average number of points the players do.

Both Staff PCs and NPCs have to abide by the same rules for EXP spending. NPCs do not have to have what their points are being spent on listed whereas Staff PCs do.
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