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Post by Seryna on Wed Jun 30, 2010 7:16 pm

Block by Bloody block

Claiming Territory
Each territory has control conditions listed that might help a hunter cell or organization make a successful claim against a given domain. These control conditions aren’t exhaustive, and are really just guidelines—as much as we’d like to say, “Killing Duncan ensures ownership of the park,” it’s rarely that straightforward.
Stories must remain fluid, and so it’s impossible to list absolutes.
When a hunter cell does claim a territory (as decided by the Storyteller), that cell is given some benefits. Those benefits are as follows:
• Each territory has a number of assets and liabilities list-
ed. The cell gains access to or the benefits from these assets
for as long as they hold the territory. If the Storyteller deter-
mines that another group reclaims or steals the territory, they
gain access to the assets and the cell loses them. The same, of
course, goes for the liabilities: when hunters take a territory,
they have to deal with certain consequences, and any new
owners take those consequences on themselves while divesting the hunters of them.
• At the time the cell claims the territory, each hunter character gains one Willpower point and one additional experience point. In addition, the cell receives five total practical experience points to bank, divvy up or spend as the group sees ft.
• In addition, for every chapter (game session) in which a territory remains held, each hunter character gains one point of Willpower.

The four main territories (there may be more to come).


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